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Penthouse Swieqi

Penthouse design, Swieqi, Malta

A modern interior based on a neutral soothing palette.

Garam Masalaa

Garam Masalaa, Indian Cuisine, Qawra, Malta.

      Preliminary design concept for Garam Masalaa, Qawra, Malta.

Penthouse concept

Penthouse concept, Pembroke.

Trying to fit everything in such a tight space whilst keeping it as open and spacious is not so simple, however not impossible. An open plan consisting of a kitchen, living & dining, all come together in harmony of colour, style and space. Apart from having everything fit, the space for moving around the room […]

Eclectic apartment

Eclectic ground floor apartment

Although narrow, this apartment is quite spacious in some areas but perhaps lacking in others. Making use of normally unusable spaces is quite a challenge but when you’re designing with an eclectic style it make things so much easier. This style is more “forgiving” when it comes to decorating. Its not focused on minimalism and […]

Railway Studios

Railway Studios, Malta.

Being a musician myself, this project was right down my alley! When approached to design this studio, many warm memories of the gigging days quickly returned and immediately started thinking logistics. A studio is a highly functional space that has to cater for all the equipment needs, perfect acoustics and since long hours are spent […]


Chaos & Creation II

70cm X 50cm – Impasto acrylics on canvas.


Iron Man

100cm x 70cm – Acrylics on canvas.


Chaos & Creation VII

80cm X 80cm – Impasto acrylics on canvas.   

Maltese rooftops

Maltese Rooftops

80cm X 60cm – Impasto acrylics on canvas.