3D Models & Renders, Concepts, Illustration, Interiors

Penthouse 3D Visuals

3D visuals for a penthouse.

3D renders for apartment

          3D visuals for a plot of flats being sold “on plan”

Bathroom Renders

Bathroom concept model and renders. Project by AP L.T.D.

M&S Building

3d model and render for the new M&S Building, Sliema. Project by AP L.T.D.

Night Club

Night Club 3d model & render. Project by AP L.T.D.

Reception & Break-out Area

3d model and render for Reception and break-out space. Project by AP L.T.D.

Junior’s Toy Shop

3d model and render for Junior’s toy shop at The Point Mall, Tigne’. Was part of the design and development team for this project at AP L.t.d.