Railway Studios, Malta.

Being a musician myself, this project was right down my alley! When approached to design this studio, many warm memories of the gigging days quickly returned and immediately started thinking logistics. A studio is a highly functional space that has to cater for all the equipment needs, perfect acoustics and since long hours are spent here, it had to be comfortable, cozy and promote creativity.

Essentially, there were 2 spaces divided by a soundproof gypsum partition with a double glazed window allowing the Producer to communicate visually with the musician/s. However the Live Room was occupying the larger space leaving the producer to operate from the smaller space. The main aim was to switch them around to have a more intimate Live Room giving the Production area the much needed volume of space required.

Apart from the upright piano, the rest of the furniture was custom designed and manufactured to house the recording desk equipment, such as PC, Mixers, racks, midi controllers, amps and other necessary storage. A small but comfortable sofa was also necessary for the musicians waiting for their session, individually or in groups.

We based the colour scheme on the brand’s logo with some changes to what is shown here to give it a warm retro studio look. The images below were more for the study of the layout and to make sure it was a functional space through and through.

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