Matt Micallef born in Nuremberg in 1982, showed a creative flair at a very early age and with a fascination for Art, design and cars, he started translating imaginative ideas into concept sketches from as early as 8 years old.

After secondary school he decided to focus more on design education so he joined the (Mcast) Emvin Cremona Art & Design Centre, previously situated in Valletta,  Malta, where he studied under professionals such as Mr. Luciano Micallef, Mr. Alfred Camilleri and Mr. Patrick Galea to name a few. He received a diploma in Industrial Design (1998-2002).

During this time he also started working in the field of interior design with Pippa Toledo where he was given a broad introduction to the practice (2001-2006).

He then moved to London for international work experience where he was offered a job with the prestigious interior designer Kelly Hoppen, working on off-shore projects in Spain and Dubai (2006-2007).

After a short but influential stay in London, he returned to Malta and joined another large firm this time in architecture. Architecture Project (AP) is a multi-disciplinary company combining architecture, interior design, engineering and corporate design. He worked mainly with the interior design team but also took part in architectural competitions, providing his 3d visualization and draughting skills to various other projects (2007-2010).

He is currently freelancing in all his creative fields. These being modern/abstract/figurative art, Interior design, CAD plans & 3d models & visuals & Handmade Crafts.