Alfa 33 Stradale

90cm X 60cm X 3cm – Acrylics on canvas.     The making of “Alfa 33 Stradale”  Read More

Alfa Sprint Concept

      Alfa Sprint concept sketches & renders        Read More

Bugatti Veyron – Grand Sport

“Bugatti Veyron – Grand Sport” A2 size – Graphite on paper  Read More


“Mustang” 150cm X 60cm – Acrylics on canvas  Read More

VW Sketch

“VW Concept” Digital Sketch  Read More

Concepts & Sketches

Various designs and sketches exploring form and dynamics for different categories of vehicles.  Read More

Peugeot Concepts

Peugeot concept design submitted in the 2nd International Design Competition 2002.  Read More

Porsche Concept Sketches

Porsche Carrera concept 2003. Concept sketch followed by Front-Side and Rear-Side freehand visuals.  Read More

Citroen Sketches

Citroen concept sketches.  Read More

BMW Concept Sketches

BMW concept sketches  Read More