Chaos & Creation X

80cm X 80cm – Impasto acrylics on canvas.    #     Read More

Chaos & Creation IX

125cm X 35cm – Impasto acrylics on canvas.  Read More

Eye Of The Storm

100cm X 100cm – Impasto acrylics (metallic/flat colour) on canvas  Read More


300cm X 150cm (X3 Canvases of 100cm X 150cm) Impasto acrylics on canvas.   Read More


40cm X 30cm Impasto acrylics on canvas  Read More

Abstract in 3

300cm x 50cm x 3cm (X3 canvases of 100cm x 50cm) Textures and acrylics on canvas – commissioned by client.  Read More


60cm X 50cm – Impasto acrylics on canvas.  Read More


180cm X 50cm (x5 canvases of 40cm x 30cm) Metallic acrylics on canvas.  Read More

007 – License To Kill

“007 – License to kill” 160cm X 40cm – Acrylics on canvas  Read More

Silver Waves

“Silver Waves” 40cm X 40cm – Textured Metallic acrylics on canvas  Read More